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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Winter Beers

My article on six UK winter/Christmas beers that are currently available at the LCBO has been posted as part of this week's issue of Gremolata. As you can see in my crappy photo montage to the right, the beers covered include Belhaven Wee Heavy, Fuller's Vintage Ale 2006, Greene King Strong Suffolk, Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale, St. Peter's Winter Ale & Wychwood Bah Humbug.

I might follow this up with a blog post next week reviewing a bunch of local holiday beers, assuming I get a chance to try them all between now and then.

Along the same theme: Jon at The Brew Site has been making "Advent Beer Calendar" posts to his blog since the beginning of the month, featuring a different winter/Christmas beer each day. He started with Anchor Christmas Ale on December 1st, and most recently wrote up the very tasty sounding Young's Christmas Pudding Ale. Unfortunately, very few of the beers he's covered are available in Ontario, so I've had to use my imagination to play along. Sigh.


Jon said...

Hi, thanks for the pointer. If it's any consolation, I don't have access to many of these beers either. But it gives me something to shoot for! :)

Chris Matthieu said...

You should review these beers on Chug'd!

Greg Clow said...

Chris - thanks for the suggestion, but I already post my ratings at RateBeer, and I don't want to double the work for myself.

Not to mention that having to hear a midi-file version of the Chicken Dance when I visit a website is all the encouragement I need to NOT visit the website. It gives me bad flashbacks to bad weddings... ;)

Good luck with the site, though. The whole beer rating thing is pretty well covered by RateBeer and Beer Advocate, so hopefully you'll be able to attract people with the other features of the site.

Alan said...

Wow - beer web service spam. How niche.