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Friday, October 20, 2006

Keepin' It Real

The latest in my occassional series of beer articles for Toronto food & drink website Gremolata was posted today. It's a brief introduction to cask/real ale, including a preview of tomorrow's Cask Days 2006 event at Volo, as well as a list of establishments in Toronto that serve cask ale on a regular basis. Not a lot of new info for beer geeks, but hopefully it'll convince some of the foodies & wine drinkers who make up most of Gremolata's readership to try a pint or two of the good stuff.

Speaking of Cask Days (which should really be called "Cask Day" without the pluralizing "s" this year, since both sessions are happening on Saturday), I will be there, and assuming I remember to bring my camera and notebook, I'll post some photos and a festival report next week. Right after I finally get the last report from my NYC trip written and posted...

1 comment:

HogTownHarry said...

Looking forward to the photos and words about Cask Day, Greg - I'm still shaking my head that Ralph managed to have an even better event this year over the 2005 overwhelming success (a certain Toronto fruit-beer drinking "beer fan's" disappointment about the lack of selection notwithstanding ... what an idiot).

And this year I managed to get home, be coherent, not pass out or ... anything else!